Pressure Washing Tips And Tricks

Pressure washing is the process of taking a high power water stream and allowing it to remove dirt, grime and stains from homes, walkways and a multitude of surfaces.  People will typically rent or hire someone to come and pressure wash their home, business other dirty items at least once a year.

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When looking for pressure washing services king george va it is a good idea to call around and get some quotes.  Many companies will charge by the square foot while others may have flat rates.  If you are not interested in hiring someone a pressure washer can be rented or even purchased at reasonable rates. 

Electric vs gas

When looking at pressure washers you have the option of gas or electric.  Depending on the size of your job a gas powered pressure washer will be your better bet.  With gas you have more PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure giving the spray more power to get deep into the dirty surfaces.  With gas you are portable which can be a great benefit for your job. 

Electric are good but not as powerful.  Since you need a power source they are not as portable as gas.  They are not as powerful either.  This can be a good thing however.  A gas pressure washer will be good on stone and siding and an electric may be better for wooden surfaces such as fences an decks. 


When using your pressure washer you will want to stick with soap and water.  Adding items like bleach may also be a benefit.  Never use hazardous chemicals in your pressure washers.  These will spill out into the environment causing damage.  Make sure to use what is required by the manufacturer.

Hire a professional

At the end of the day hiring a professional is your best bet.  The cost savings will become apparent in labor and time.  For large jobs they will give discounts and special deals if you shop around.  Finally, look at their work, get recommendations and always insist in professional service.