Many Uses For Window Shutters

When it comes to window shutters we really don’t think of them until they are needed.  In most cases they are only closed when a major storm is on the horizon.  Otherwise we really don’t think of them.  However, window shutters jersey shore can be used for a wide array of different uses. It just takes a little creativity and elbow grease.


window shutters jersey shore

When repurposing shutters using them as a shelf is a no brainer.  They are flat, can easily have legs or hooks attached to them and are small enough to fit into a wide variety of small areas.  Since most shutters are the size of your windows they make great shelves.

Wall Slots

With your shutters you can easily screw them directly to the wall.  Placing a small piece of wood behind them to create a catch surface might be an option but otherwise attaching them to the wall will make a great place to hang pictures, letters or hang your keys.

Herb planters

Similar to the wall slots you can take the same concept and make herb planters.  Using some paint, hooks and some mason jars you can paint the shutters a nice color and attach them to the wall like in the previous example.  Then take some mason jars or smaller jars and fill them with potting soil.  At the top tie a piece of wire around the jar to form a hook.  Fill the jar with whatever plant, herb or flower you like.  Taking the hooked end hang it in the slot.

Interior blinds

If you are not an artsy person and just looking for traditional uses for shutters you can use them as interior blinds.  Most shutters have slits that will allow light in and out.  With a small adjustment lever you can also open and close the slits.