Importance Of Radon Testing

Many homeowners may not have known this before. Included to the indoor air that everyone must breath is something called radon. And the disturbing news is that radon is poisonous. Now, hopefully this will calm your nerves, help you get over the shock. At least one company was spotted online that is prepared to provide you with a free radon test atlanta ga callout. If this is your area, see if you can reach out to them and see if your home qualifies for such an inspection.

The company in question has developed a non-invasive solar powered test that also removes radon from the home. The company also does air purifications and uses solar powered ventilation systems to further purify the interior air. Lifetime warranties are being offered for the work being done. Well now, that is a nice way of putting it, given that radon content is so threatening to the internal environment.

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Radon cannot be seen. You cannot smell it either. It is a poisonous gas that is found in the earth’s soil. It seeps through the ground when uranium starts to decay. And when radon is allowed to enter the home, it becomes poisonous, so poisonous in fact that when inhaled, it could cause lung cancer. That is scary. Here are a few more scary facts about radon. Over twenty thousand people have died from radon poisoning in a single year.

Radon is now ranked as the number two leading cause of lung cancer. Currently, the US Environmental Protection Agency continues to carry out assessments of all the radon risks in homes. Now, given the seriousness of all this, would it not be fair to suggest that mandated testing for radon in all homes should be free of charge.